Truck Accidents Lawyer

Truck Accidents Lawyer

Large commercial trucks have a crash rate more than 50% greater than other vehicles. These dangerous trucks pose a serious threat to public safety. Truck accidents have a variety of causes:

Unsafe Equipment

Some irresponsible trucking companies cut corners on maintenance to increase profits. Brake defects, worn tires and other failing truck parts are common causes of truck accidents.

Overloaded Trucks

The maximum weight for most 18 wheelers is 80,000 pounds. Overweight trucks are more likely to roll over and require increased distance to brake.

Driver Fatigue

It is estimated that tired truck drivers cause up to 75% of accidents involving a big rig. Truck drivers either push themselves too hard, or their employer overworks them, causing them to be inattentive to the road.

Negligent Hiring

Lax hiring practices and insufficient background checks by trucking companies can result in the hiring of drivers with poor driving records, drug problems and criminal records. Drivers paid by the load often lack proper training and sometimes begin driving the day they are hired.

At Ragland Law Firm, every detail of the case is scrutinized to determine the driver�s background and history, the company�s hiring and training policies and the maintenance records on the rig. Ragland Law Firm provides the hard work and expertise necessary to determine the cause of the truck collision and establish negligence on the part of the driver and his employer.

If you have been involved in a collision with a truck, contact Ragland Law Firm for a free consultation.

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